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Looking for a junk removal West Palm company for trash pick up in West Park, Florida? USA Trash removal offers debris to old furniture removal all throughout Florida. Get a free estimate, call and we'll get a team member out to your location to provide you a more accurate quote.

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Who We Are

USA Trash Removal is your go-to for junk removal in South Florida. We are fully licensed and insured to provide reliable service that you can always count on. Our full-service company has expanded its services in several cities including West Park, Florida, 33023. Located in southeast Broward County, this small city of under 15,000 residents is between Hollywood to the north and Miami to the south. Because it’s a small municipality, it’s vital to keep up with the removal of junk and trash so that families can focus on enjoying being outdoors with their loved ones.

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Our excellent customer service team will ensure you get the most affordable rate for your junk and our professional pickup crew will quickly and carefully remove everything you want out of your home to either the landfill, a recycling center or donation center. And they won’t even leave behind any debris. It’ll be as if nothing was ever taking up space in those areas of your home.

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Junk Removal WEST PARK, FL

West Park Junk Removal
Trash Removal West Park | Waste Management WEST PARK, FLORIDA

What we Do

Upon scheduling your pickup day and time, we will call you within an hour of your appointment to confirm the arrival time. We do this to allow for unexpected circumstances such as traffic jams or a previous job that was may have taken up more time than what we anticipated. It is not typical for there to be delays from another pickup as we try to schedule them further apart but it can happen so we do all we can to make up for the inconvenience.

Our experienced staff will then show up to your desired location and confirm the quote and get to work picking up and loading your unwanted items. We take care of all the loading and clearing, wherever the items are located such as in the attic, garage, and/or yard. After the junk is loaded and the site is left free of debris and you are satisfied with the work, our team will leave your property with your junk.

We make every effort to donate and recycle the items we remove, assuming they are in good working condition. Later, someone from our team will conduct a follow-up call to make sure that you are satisfied with our services from start to finish.

We can cover all your residential clean ups and commercial damage removal and anything else junk/trash removal. So whether you’re a homeowner having to purge items from your home or a property manager trying to remove junk from several offices, our team of professional junk removal specialists can handle all of the heavy lifting and recycling that comes with clearing out your space.

Some items we remove include:

Old dressers, cabinets, couches, chairs, or any other furniture you need to get rid of.

Worn refrigerators, washers/dryers, stoves, microwaves and smaller appliances too.

  • Hot Tub Removal
  • Yard Waste
  • Eviction/Foreclosure Clean outs
  • Shed Removal

Furniture Removal

At USA Trash Removal, we pride ourselves on removing unnecessary stress from our customers. It doesn’t matter where it’s being removed from or how much of it is being removed.

There’s no distance too far or job too large for us. We also make sure to know what we are removing beforehand so we can anticipate how much may go to either a donation center like Salvation Army (or if you have another charity in mind, we can take it there instead) or a recycling facility.

We try to avoid taking as much to the landfill as possible as our company’s effort to be more environmentally conscious.

Appliance Removal

When you contact us for an appliance pickup, our trained team members will make sure that all unwanted appliances from anywhere on your property. What we mean by that is we don’t expect you to move all the appliances you want us to take in one place.

Just point out the rooms and appliances and we will remove them carefully and recycle them. We promise that we will do all we can to go above and beyond to ensure that your appliances are disposed of responsibly.

Just like with furniture removal, we’ll do all the heavy-lifting and haul your old appliances to recycling and donation centers. And if you need us to remove furniture as well, we’ll just make one trip.

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TRASH PICKUP & Junk Removal West Park

Junk Removal West Park FL

Junk Removal West Park FL

Trash Pickup In The West Park Area

West Park, Florida

We’ll take the trash out

When you decide to hire us at USA Trash Removal to remove your junk, we guarantee that you’ll get the best customer service you can. You can also expect a reasonable free quote before we start any work. No need to stress about a thing. You just need to make the call and we’ll take it from there.

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