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Looking for a junk removal Miami company for trash pick up in Miami, Florida? USA Trash removal offers debris to old furniture removal all throughout Florida. Get a free estimate, call and we'll get a team member out to your location to provide you a more accurate quote.

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    If you’ve got worn furniture, appliances, construction debris or yard waste you need gone, our business is here to take away all materials, so long as it’s not toxic waste.

    Our crew can handle jobs of any size and our trucks can handle loads of any size too. We’ll go wherever your unwanted trash is located, remove it quickly and without a trace of debris left behind.  That’s our guarantee or we aren’t doing our job right.

    Junk Removal Miami, Florida

    Miami Junk Removal Company
    Trash Removal Miami | Waste Management Miami FLORIDA

    Junk Removal in Miami: 50 Miles

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    What we do

    At USA Trash Removal, we have the privilege of serving customers in sunny, beautiful cities in South Florida such as Miami in zip codes 33114, 33128, 33136, 33155 and 33179 just to name a few. This vibrant, multicultural city is best known worldwide for its beaches, nightlife, Hispanic influences and home to three time NBA champions Miami Heat.

    With this wonderful place continuing to grow, so too does the clutter inside and outside homes and businesses. That’s why we are here to ensure that all your bulk trash, junk, and unwanted items are removed in a timely fashion. We’ll even clean out several rooms piling up with trash and debris and do lite demolition work.

    We’ve got a lot of ground to cover in the largest metropolitan city in this region, but we will fight through traffic to go whenever and wherever you need us. No project is too big or too small for us to handle.

    We welcome the challenge and make sure your junk is sorted and removed quickly, so you can have peace of mind. You’ve got a tight budget? No problem. We’ll do all we can for you to stay within your budget and still get you the best service we can. It starts with a call to us for a free quote and going from there.

    Our services

    Our residential and commercial customers can come to us for an array of services including foreclosures clean out, eviction clean outs, trash pickup and removal, junk removal, trash out, furniture/appliance removal and shed removal. Upon hiring us for the job, our qualified and experienced staff will meet you at your property ready to get to work. They will load everything onto our trucks, haul them away, and even clean up after the last piece of junk has been placed inside the truck. We promise to not leave one item behind.

    And with flexible scheduling, you can have your trash removal or any other service picked up at a time that is most convenient for you, night or on weekends included. We even offer same-day services if that works best for you.

    Miami Furniture removal

    Removing old unwanted furniture can be quite a task. It’s backbreaking work that’s also time consuming. Plus, it can be difficult to round up enough people to help you with this laborious task.

    Even if you could gather enough people to help, it’s possible you’d have to make a few trips as opposed to just one. There’s way too much traffic to be making this a whole day ordeal. That’s where we at US Trash Removal come in because we have trucks big enough for any size job, our crew is large and experienced, and we know where to dispose of your junk. Best of all, we do all the heavy lifting and loading for you.

    All you must do is call us to arrange the details and we’ll head over to clear your home out of what needs to disappear. It really is that quick and easy.

    Miami Eviction clean out/Foreclosure clean out

    As trained professionals with many years of experience, we have cleared out many foreclosed properties full of junk and debris, and helped convert them into livable homes in no time at all.

    We know this is a big job that needs the attention of a large team and that’s why real estate agents and home owners would benefit in hiring us.

    We first clear the entire house out of all the junk, clutter and left over furniture/appliances. We will even rip all the carpet out if that’s a need. Then we scrub and clean all the floors, walls, and windows. Before we finish up, we do a full walk through to make sure that there is absolutely no junk or trash left behind. Otherwise we haven’t done our job.

    Miami Shed Removal

    At USA Trash Removal, we have seen our fair share of old, worn out sheds and we know that the longer they sit in the year-round humidity and heat, the worse shape it will be in.

    Whether you would like to just clear all the junk out of your shed, or remove and have the old shed hauled away itself, we can handle that for you.

    Once we have seen your shed and you have agreed on the price, our team will get right to work to remove the shed and all its contents as quickly as possible.

    Miami Bulk Junk Pickup | Miami Shed Removal | Miami Furniture Removal |  Hoarder Clean Up | Tree Debris & Trash Pickup

    Junk Removal Miami

    Miami Junk Removal

    Junk in our Trunk

    A happy home is only as happy as its owners. That’s why we take pride in our services and want to make sure you are always happy with what we do for you.

    Whether the job is simple or complicated, we will be able to handle it so you don’t have to. Your junk removal and other services will be completely professional when you hire us at USA Trash Removal.

    We mean it when we say that we can remove any items you have at your home, office, or job site. You can depend on us to always work hard for you and make sure you are pleased with our services.

    Bulk Junk Pickup In The Miami Area