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Looking for a junk removal Opa-Locka company for trash pick up in Opa-Locka, Florida? USA Trash removal offers debris to old furniture removal all throughout Florida. Get a free estimate, call and we'll get a team member out to your location to provide you a more accurate quote.

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    A full-service company, we are proud to serve the residents of Opa-Locka. If you need a whole backyard full of junk picked up, we can certainly do that.

    Do you need lite demolition work? We can do that too. No matter how much you need gone, we can come over, sort it and either recycle it, donate it, or dispose of it responsibly.

    Need Some of Your Junk Removed In Opa-Locka, Florida?

    Junk Removal Opa-Locka, Florida

    Junk Removal Opa-Locka FL

    Junk Removal in Opa-Locka: 50-60 Miles

    • Latitude: 25.7617° N
    • Longitude: 80.1918° W
    Junk Removal Zip Codes:

    33009, 33010, 33012, 33013, 33014, 33015, 33016, 33018, 33019, 33020, 33021, 33023, 33024, 33025, 33026, 33027, 33029, 33054, 33055, 33056, 33109, 33122, 33125, 33126, 33127, 33128, 33130, 33131, 33132, 33134, 33135, 33136, 33137, 33138, 33139, 33140, 33141, 33142, 33144, 33147, 33149, 33150, 33154, 33160, 33161, 33162, 33166, 33167, 33168, 33169, 33172, 33174, 33178, 33179, 33180, 33181, 33182, 33184

    Who We Are

    USA Trash Removal is a fully licensed and insured junk removal company that serves several cities in South Florida including Opa-Locka, Florida. Located in Miami-Dade County in zip codes such as 33054, Opa-locka was developed by aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss in 1926. The city, which has the largest collection of Moorish Revival architecture in the Western hemisphere, was the backdrop for the making of movies such as “Bad Boys II” and “2 Fast 2 Furious.” Situated between Miami Gardens to the north and Hialeah to the south, Opa-locka has a large general aviation airport, Miami Opa-Locka Executive Airport,  and a tri-rail station.

    Serving residences and commercial properties, we haul everything from old furniture, appliances, hot tubs, construction debris, or yard waste including sheds so you don’t have to mess with it. After receiving our free quote, our crew will drive to your location, take what you want gone and leave the areas clear of debris.

    We are affordable, flexible with your time, and efficient. That’s what our business is most known for.

    Our services

    Services we offer to all customers include foreclosures clean out, eviction clean outs, trash pickup and removal, junk removal, trash out, furniture/appliance removal, shed removal and hot tub removal. When you call us, we send over our qualified staff to your property on time and ready to get your junk out of sight. Our trucks are large enough to haul it all away and our crew even clean up any leftover scraps when the job is done. It’ll be as if nothing was ever there to begin with.

    You can schedule your trash removal or any other service when it’s most convenient for you, night or on weekends. We even offer same-day services if that’s what you need.

    Opa-Locka Furniture removal

    We know there are a few challenges for removing old unwanted furniture. Perhaps you don’t have a vehicle big enough to haul it away or it’s in such bad shape that it wouldn’t be accepted as a donation to thrift stores such as the Salvation Army.

    That’s where we at USA Trash Removal come in because we have a large fleet of trucks, we know where to dispose of your junk and, best of all, we do all the heavy lifting and loading for you.

    After we’ve give you an estimate and you have given us the scheduled pick up, we will come to clear your home out of what you want gone. And that is all it takes.

    Opa-Locka Hoarder cleanup/ Hoarding cleaning service

    Hoarding junk is very serious issue because the home can become extremely unsanitary and even unlivable.

    We are also aware that it’s an extremely emotional issue so we make sure to keep all this in mind when we have jobs like these. Trying to deal with most serious hoarding situations yourself can add tons of unnecessary stress to your life that you never expected. The best option is to call in professionals to help you through the entire situation.

    There are many situations where the hoarder agrees to take it slow and do one room at a time. We will come in and delicately deal with that one room until it’s finished and come back later or we simply come in and remove everything from the home at once.

    Opa-Locka Eviction clean out/Foreclosure clean out

    As trained professionals, we will take a foreclosed home full of junk and debris, and convert it into a livable home in no time. We know this is a big job that needs the attention of a large crew who have cleared out hundreds of foreclosed or evicted homes. That’s why real estate agents and home owners alike would benefit in calling us.

    We first clear the entire house out of all the junk, clutter and left over furniture/appliances. We will even rip all the carpet out if that’s a need.

    Then we scrub and clean all the floors, walls, and windows. Before we finish up, we do a full walk through to make sure that there is absolutely no junk or trash left behind. Otherwise we haven’t done our job.

    Opa-Locka Bulk Junk Pickup | Opa-Locka Shed Removal | Opa-Locka Furniture Removal |  Hoarder Clean Up | Tree Debris & Trash Pickup

    Opa-Locka Junk Removal Company

    We’ll let the trash out

    Do you think your trash can be someone else’s treasure? Perhaps. If so, we’ll send it to a donation center like Goodwill. Even if it’s beyond repair, we know where to take it. No matter where it goes, we will take the trash out for you.

    The size of the job doesn’t matter either because we can handle it so you don’t have to. Expect nothing less than professionalism from us at USA Trash Removal. And we will do everything we can to make sure you can stay within your budget while still getting the best service out there. Get your free quote today so we can get started.